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Bald Loser
Balds are for losers.
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Straightforward. Losers in fiction are usually portraited as bald.

See also Bald of Awesome.

  • Homer Simpson.
  • George Constanza in Seinfeld.
    • During an episode Elaine is dating an awesome and overall successful guy who happens to shave his head, but he used to have a hairstyle Elaine liked so she convinced him to grow his hair back. As he does, he realizes that it's not growing properly and he'll eventually become bald, then almost immediately becomes a pessimistic, depresive loser with no ambitions in life.
  • Ted from Scrubs. The bald is an endless source of jokes.
  • Vork of The Guild.
  • Winston Payne, the Warmup Boss in the Ace Attorney series. A flashback shows that he used to have great hair--and actually be intimidating--but turned into a bald loser from the shock of being defeated in court by a young Mia Fey.
  • Losers of a Professional Wrestling "hair vs hair" (or "hair vs title," ec.) Gimmick Match.
  • Inverted on Phineas and Ferb in which saying the magic word "aglet" causes a bald man 1) to have a beautiful girl accept his (unspoken) proposal, 2) another man to offer him a lucrative job, and 3) a full head of hair to sprout instantly.
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