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High School Band
The student-run rock band prevalent in most high school shows.
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A sister trope to High School Dance, the High School Band is the student-run rock band found in almost every high school. In fiction, you can expect everybody in the band to be perfectly skilled with their instruments, any band disputes to be resolved within a half hour, and the entire school making a big deal of their upcoming pep rally or roadside cafe performance. In real life, you can usually expect, well, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8jg5pjvwjw


Live Action TV

  • Saved by the Bell exemplifies this to a tee, both with Zack Attack and with Hot Sundae.
  • Fifteen had Dylan, Chris, Billy and Arseman front a band called Teenagers In Love.
  • Played more realistically on Freaks and Geeks. The freaks' front a rock band called Creation. And, both in and out of universe, they are absolutely terrible.
    • Plus, aside from Nick, the freaks just see the band as more time to goof off. None of them are actually serious about it.
  • My So-Called Life has this with Jordan Catalano's band Frozen Embryos. But it's, again, played more realistically in that the band is terrible, and its whole reason for existing is so that Jordan can escape from his personal problems.

Real Life

  • Some high school bands actually do manage to become highly successful. It's definitely rare, but it does happen.
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