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Palatial Sand Castle

Sand castles that are actually big enough to go inside.

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Be it on a beach or in a sandbox, be it a sculpted "castle" or a simple hill with holes in it, most of us have probably made something out of sand at least once in our lives. However, we're pretty willing to bet that said castle probably didn't extend above your knees.

Fictional sandcastles, however, don't have pesky things like drying out or the loose structual integrity of sand to worry about, so they are often the size of actual castles--or at least small cottages. If they're not simply for show, people may often go inside them and actually hang out inside the sand castle. Maybe they'll even eat a few sandwiches.

In video games, these castles often pop up in Palm Tree Panic. In other media, they tend to show up during a Beach Episode.

Video Games
  • Used twice in the Banjo-Kazooie series:
    • In the original game, there was a sand castle in a pool of water (...yeah, we know) that you had to drain to enter.[[hottip:*:Well, technically, you could swim to the entrance when the pool was full, but the castle would be half-flooded.]] Inside lived the letter grid that serves to earn you a Plot Coupon, and, more famously, can be used to input the game's Classic Cheat Codes.
    • Grunty's Revenge included one on the beach in Spiller's Harbor. Only Mouse Banjo could go inside, but it contained a maze and a series of switch puzzles.
  • Vexx has one, which is a pseudo-Palette Swap of an earlier area called the Waterfall Castle. It's implied that the Sand Castle might not actually be that big; Vexx might just have gotten smaller.

Western Animation
  • In the "Nice King" episode of Adventure Time, the shaven Ice King builds himself a sand palace in a playground to serve as his base of operations.
  • In one episode of The Looney Tunes Show, Bugs and Daffy build sand castles to impress a girl. Daffy builds an ordinary castle. Bugs builds one of these, complete with a drawbridge.
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