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A doctor who can cure anything and copes very well in odd circumstances
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"Limited facility presents greatest number of people using limited resources! Security threats...gangs...mercenary groups add additional difficulty, quite enjoyable! Plague stretched abilities to limit...couldn't have asked for more! Also enjoy saving people of course...helping the helpless...greater good...all that too."
--Professor Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2

Super Doc is the only doctor in town/on the starship/in the expedition. He may have a canon field of expertise, but when called on, he can treat ANYTHING. Often in sci-fi settings, he has no nurses or other doctors to help him, sometimes with quite limited resources, and must sometimes learn and treat an alien's anatomy after about five minutes looking at it, or diagnose weird new illnesses at the drop of a hat. Even against all these odds, he usually has a high success rate. After all, he's Super Doc!

Compare Open Heart Dentistry, contrast Not That Kind of Doctor


Anime and Manga
  • Black Jack, from the manga of the same name.
  • More Medicine Man than Doctor, Mushishi's Ginko has can recognize almost any mushi, and has a solution to nearly every Mushi-based problem the series has to offer; in both cases, usually after very little deliberation or research.
  • Doctor Bombay from Kinnikuman could undo brain damage and reattach severed limbs with ease.
  • Franken Fran, of course, can fix any medical problem, but the result is usually worse than the original problem.
  • Dr Mid-Nite in The DCU. He has become the go-to character for any superhero requiring medical expertise. In any specialty.
  • Dr Curt Conners was the main go-to guy for any of Spiderman's ailments or genetic mixups. When he wasn't the Lizard at the time.
Live-Action TV
  • Any Star Trek doctor
    • "Bones" Mc Coy from the Original Series
    • Dr Beverley Crusher from Next Generation
    • Dr Julian Bashir from Deep Space 9
    • "Doctor" (Emergency Medical Hologram) from Voyager, slightly averted by having Kes as an occasional Nurse.
    • Dr Phlox (a rare non-human Super Doc) from Enterprise
  • Any Stargate doctor
    • Dr Janet Frasier (SG 1)
    • Dr Carolyn Lam (SG 1)
    • Dr Carson Beckett (Atlantis)
    • Dr Jennifer Keller (Atlantis)
    • First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen (Universe)
  • Jack from Lost , as the series went on he went from applying first aid, to running a small pharmacy using drugs found on the plane, to performing amputations and blood transfusions in the jungle, with no medical equipment.
  • Dr "Mossy" Lawn from the Terry Pratchett book Night Watch. And since he's the only good doctor around, he seems to go without sleep.
    • Also slightly subverted elsewhere in Pratchett's Discworld series; due to a lack of ANY competent (or trustworthy) doctors in the city, the poisoned Patrician has to rely on horse doctor "Doughnut" Jimmy. When the mob owns most of the racehorses around, a vet has to get RESULTS.
    • In Ankh-Morpork, the surgical skills of the Igors is such that there is a law that says:
    "If it takes an Igor to bring you back, you were dead. Briefly dead, it's true, which is why the murderer will be briefly hanged."
  • Madame Pomfrey from the Harry Potter series, although having access to magical remedies does help a lot.
  • The Dragon Doctors is supposed to be what happens when you have a team of different (magically-powered) doctors banding together. None of them are good at everything, but even alone, they're each capable of amazing feats of healing.
  • A more literal "Super" Doc would be Doctor McNinja, who not only specializes in bizarre medical problems (like a disease that turns people into Paul Bunyans), but also fights crime and saves the world in his spare time.
Western Animation Video Games
  • Mordin-f**king-Solus from Mass Effect 2. Cures a bio-engineered plague in a mob-controlled Wretched Hive while three factions of gangs battle it out and try to gun their way inside his clinic just for the spite of it. Later goes on to become a chief medical officer aboard the Normandy, helping Commander Shepard save the galaxy, rarely breaking any composure.
    • Speaking of...I gotta give an honorable to Doctor Chakwas (also from Mass Effect). Despite being an old woman, and the fact that humanity has only had thirty or so years' experience dealing with alien species, she knows how to treat just about any wound on any sort of species. Liara T'Soni (a 106-year-old asari scientist) is impressed at how much she knows about her species' physiology. She later proves how unflappable and determined she is by surviving the destruction of the original Normandy, leaving the Alliance just to serve aboard the illegally-constructed second Normandy, and pulling herself together after being abducted and almost liquified by the Collectors. She flat out tells you that she'll go through any sort of hell to serve at your side. How's that for Undying Loyalty?
  • Doctors in Fallout are able to casually heal your hp, broken limbs, addictions, radiation poisoning, and sometimes, even perform plastic surgery on your face.
  • Nurse Joy in any Pokemon game. At least, from a Pokemon's point of view.
  • Medic from Team Fortress 2 has his Medi Gun that can keep a fellow team member alive under heavy bullet rain at such a degree they'll die only via concentrated effort from the opposing team. Meet The Medic video shows that if he has the peace and quiet and equipment for it, he can easily keep a patient conscious and talking without a heart.
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