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Flaming Emblem

A character wiith an Iconic Logo, makes a version of that emblem using fire

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A sub-trope of the Zorro Mark and often seen in works featuring a Super Hero, this trope occurs when a character recreates his or her Iconic Logo or Chest Insignia using fire. Often, this is in concert with a Dynamic Entry. The Big Bad believes the hero is dead, only to see a flame spreading in the distance, eventually creating the hero's emblem just before he flies through the window. Sometimes, it is actually used at the end of a Climactic Battle where the hero sets the fire to reveal he is victorious. There are other variations but the effect is the same.

The reason for this is mostly Rule of Cool. Seeing the hero's emblem rising up in flames looks really exciting. This causes some Fridge Logic, however when the viewers wonder how and why the hero set the fire beforehand, to say nothing of the potential public safety hazard.

Not to Be Confused with Fire Emblem.

Examples Include


  • Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch frequently creates the Fantastic Four's emblem as a summons to the rest of the team when trouble arises.


  • In The Punisher (the Thomas Jane version), after the title character kills an entire mob family, he purposefully sets off a chain of bombs around a parking lot that creates his skull emblem.
  • Eric Draven of The Crow did this when he killed T-Bird, one of the leaders of Top Dollar's gang and the third target of his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, using explosives and gasoline to turn T-Bird's own car into a bomb. When the car explodes, a trail of flames spread across the pier in a pattern created by Draven's accelerant, creating the crow emblem. This is an interesting case in that the character did not really have an emblem in-universe. The emblem was used in marketing and the film's logo.
  • In The Mask of Zorro, when the second Zorro sets off on his mission, the first Zorro (Anthony Hopkins) sets a fire along a hillside that creates the famous Zorro "Z" as a sign to the Big Bad that he has returned.
  • In Daredevil, the title hero apparently drew his famous "DD" emblem in gasoline and let it set at a crime scene, knowing that someone would flick a cigarette on the ground and set it off.
  • In The Dark Knight Rises, when Batman returns to Gotham, he sets a bat-shaped fire on top of a bridge to let everyone know he has returned.
    • While it never occurs in the film, the poster for The Dark Knight has a bat-symbol engulfed in flames on the side of a building.
  • The Title Sequence of the film adaptation of V for Vendetta does this. V also forms his logo in fireworks explosions twice in the film, near the beginning and at the end.


  • In the music video Chamillionaire's "Ridin'" he's standing on a blacktop in front a a flaming version of his logo.

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