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Useful Notes: Fire And Explosive Safety
A UsefulNotes primer on fire safety and explosives/pyrotechnics safety.
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We have a Useful Notes on gun safety, so I think this is one that we need to work on as well, because if there's anything Hollywood gets wrong as much as guns/firearms, it's fire and explosions, and people doing stupid stuff with fire or explosion risks (or even sources of fire or explosives like petrochemicals/fuels or fireworks/stage pyro) or people responding in dangerous and even fatal ways to fire or explosion emergencies is possibly even more common than people being dangerously stupid with guns.

Article would be split into different sections and would cover accidental fire and explosion hazards, responsible and safety-conscious use of fire and civilian explosives (petroleum chemicals; and fireworks and similar pyrotechnics), and proper response to fire or explosive emergencies with a focus on providing accurate information on detection and escape - with some info on fighting minor fires (such as a stovetop fire or an out of control barbecue) or handling small explosive emergencies (such as shutting off gas for a localized gas leak until the fire department/gas company can arrive, or putting out a smoking dud firecracker/pyro sparkler)

Description: This page covers a discussion of the safe handling of fire and explosion hazards, fire and explosion prevention, and basic tips in handling small fire or explosive emergencies.

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