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Answering Machine Escalation
One character leaves a series of messages on someone's machine or voicemail, and they get progressively more desperate or panicked.
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One character will check his voicemail and find that he has a few messages. The first one will seem insignificant, but the second one will be from the same person and about the same subject, but slightly more demanding, panicked, excited, etc. This continues for a few messages until the indication of the messages' content begin to affect the listener.

Can double as an example of an Apocalyptic Log.


Live-Action TV
  • In one episode of Breaking Bad, Jesse gets multiple messages from Saul asking him to come see him. Each subsequent message is more demanding and more worried-sounding.

Western Animation
  • In The Incredibles, near the end, Helen checks her messages to see multiple from Kari about Jack-Jack. The first is a calm report that Jack-Jack is acting slightly abnormally. Subsequent messages are extremely unsettled when Jack-Jack's more interesting powers manifest, until she starts screaming into the phone with terror. The final message is a disturbingly calm thanks for the replacement sitter... who wasn't hired.

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