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Up for Grabs (and possibly needs a better title). I've noticed that in recent years, following the end of the The Yugoslav Wars, Serbian Former Regime Personnel seem to be the go-to-guys in media when a Retired Monster and/or Ruthless Foreign Gangsters are needed.

  • The Ruthless Foreign Gangsters in the Layer Cake film are Serbian Former Regime Personnel (played by Romanians).
  • One character on Hotel Babylon is a chambermaid who emmigrated to England from Croatia. In one episode, she suspects that a seemingly kind and philanthropic guest is an infamous Serbian war criminal.
  • An episode of Community , "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" has some of the characters befriending a guy named Luka and playing video games with him. It turns out that Luka did some very nasty things back in the Balkans.
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