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Zombie Apocalypse Minus The Zombies

Something turns people hostile to non infected.

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This is the premise behind a Zombie Apocalypse, that some force is converting normal people into a "them" and making them go crazy and attack uninfected and/or try to convert others, but it uses an agent other than zombies. This conversion can be functionally nearly identical to a zombie apocalypse but substituting another type of creature, like vampires, werewolves or a The Virus / Viral Transformation in general. On the other hand, the conversion may be entirely mental and have no real biological basis. For example, a televised Hypno Ray, powerful Telepath or mystic could Brainwash people into loyal subjects or just releasing a huge Hate Plague. In these cases the "disease" may not be transmissible by person, but by a central person, Hive Queen, Plague Master or machine.

This isn't Not Using the Zed Word, which is about not saying zombie, nor Technically Living Zombie, a specific kind of zombie.

  • The Crazies has a chemical that causes homicidal reactions in roughly half the population.
  • Daybreakers has a vampire apocalypse... which succeeded, and the now empowered vampires engage in industrial scale blood farming from comatose humans.
  • In The Signal there's the titular signal, a static transmission that floods the TV's in the fictional city of Terminus and causes half the people to go homicidally crazy without making them stupid. Since there's no visual tells, it's essentially impossible for the people who aren't affected to band together.
  • Stakeland. A Zombie Apocalypse with vampires.
  • In the Underworld setting, the first lycans (werewolves) were hunted and their progenitor imprisoned for the fear that he might cause a Werewolf Apocalypse.

Live-Action TV
  • One episode of Misfits had a girl whose power was to make other teens morally upstanding and virtuous like herself, out of a desire to no longer be rejected for her beliefs. Everyone affected became a polite, chaste, pastel wearing and well spoken young adult. She planed to take her "movement" national and possibly globally, and since her power was sound based might have been transmissible via television. The cast quickly decides this Brainwashing for the Greater Good must stop, but can't get near her because listening to her causes conversion.
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  • January 10, 2012
    ^ From the laconic: "All who are bitten/killed by the monster, become the monster."

    The page itself says the change is "both mental and physical".
  • January 10, 2012
    What about naming this "Virus Apocalypse"?
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    A number of examples on Hate Plague are also this trope, such as the Serenity film Reavers and the Tabletop Games Villains And Vigilantes Devil's Domain demon ichor smoke.
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    This is either The Virus or a Zombie Apocalypse with a different name. And the laconic fits Hate Plague very well
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    ^Hate Plague has people turn murderous without distinction. Here, those affected can tell (infected) friend from foe.

    I will discard this if it's just a duplicate, but let me just ask: under which of the listed tropes would the Serenity, The Crazies and Misfits examples fall? None involve infectious bites. All have the infected recognize friend from foe, one doesn't have homicidal tendencies, and the other two have no cure as is common with Hate Plague.
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    The book, not calling you a name.