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Contrary Trope Genesis
The inverted version of a undiscovered trope is the first time the Trope is recognized as a Trope.
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Prior Trope Name: Trope Identifying Aversion (It should have been Inversion, heh..pain pills...what are you gonna do?! Oh they are prescription, Got wisdom teeth pulled)

YKTTW Rough Draft Notes

v Nothing above this line is a description of the YKTTW trope and will be deleted if a Trope launch is definite.

When a work uses the inverted version of an as-of-yet undiscovered trope, causing the trope the work inverted to be recognized as a trope for the first time.

If the work had not used the Inverted version of said Trope, who knows how long, if ever, it would have remained unnoticed.

A basic example would be a character in a movie is shot and deals with the pain of the injury with ease.

Later on, the viewer is watching a different unrelated movie when he/she sees a man screaming in agony over a single gun shot wound that in the movie you saw previously was passed off as nothing.

The viewer realizes how uncommon it is for people to react drastically to pain (and not die ), this, in turn, leads to him/her remembering how many times he/she has seen the nonchalant attitude to wounds that should be causing MUCH more pain than they seem to be.

Thus the uncommon inverted example sheds light on how common it's more often-used opposite is, thus exposing the true Trope.

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