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A mother who really gets around
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Sometimes, the protagonist has a mother who will sleep with Anything That Moves. In some cases, this causes confusion as to who their father is, since there are so many candidates.


  • Liane Cartman from South Park, who has slept with literally everyone in town, male and female. Because of this, her son doesn't find out until episode 201 who his real father is.
  • Sterling Archer has a similar problem, as his mother is a hedonistic whore who tries to sleep with virtually every male character she comes across, no matter the age. One of the candidates for his father is even the head of the KGB.
  • Francine Smith from American Dad! has a "sex garden" with a rosebush representing every man she's been with. According to Stan, she's "taken more poundings than Omaha Beach before the ground assault began".
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