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Promiscuous Mom

A mother who really gets around

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Sometimes, the protagonist has a mother who will sleep with Anything That Moves. In some cases, this causes confusion as to who their father is, since there are so many candidates.


  • Liane Cartman from South Park, who has slept with literally everyone in town, male and female. Because of this, her son doesn't find out until episode 201 who his real father is.
  • Sterling Archer has a similar problem, as his mother is a hedonistic whore who tries to sleep with virtually every male character she comes across, no matter the age. One of the candidates for his father is even the head of the KGB.
  • Francine Smith from American Dad! has a "sex garden" with a rosebush representing every man she's been with. According to Stan, she's "taken more poundings than Omaha Beach before the ground assault began".
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  • July 1, 2012
    Can cause a lot of I Banged Your Mom jokes.
  • July 1, 2012
    • In Drowtales, "Marital fidelity" is not something that exists in drow culture, but Faen's mother Ash'waren apparently Really Gets Around, resulting in this conversation:
      Salan'dara: Ash, Faen is back.
      Ash: Who?
      Salan'dara: Your Daughter.
      Ash: Which one?
      Salan'dara: The one born in year 1076.
      Ash: Oh. That one. He was a terrible mate.
  • July 1, 2012
    Do prostitutes count?
    • In Watchmen Walter Kovacs' mother was a prostitute, and he was presumably the result from one of her Johns. In the comic's present, his landlady is a prostitute with three children by different men.
  • July 1, 2012
    Skiwsgaar Skwigelf from Metalocalypse is the son of Miss Sweden of 1956, who is promiscuous to the point where Skiwsgaar doesn't know who is father is. Granted, he takes after her.
    "I don't have anything to say about family, so I will be shuttings down now."
  • July 1, 2012
    ^^Prostitute moms are listed under Son Of A Whore.
  • July 1, 2012
    The problematic part is: Son of a Whore list only a character whose mother is a sex worker. No reference to simply promiscuous mothers. However, people added many examples of promiscuous mothers (like the Liane Cartman example). Maybe we just should just change the Son Of A Whore 's description?
  • July 2, 2012
    In addition to being problematic, I think a mother who is a prostitute usually occupies a totally different role in the story. e.g. on the Son Of A Whore page it discusses the child growing up in brothels. Also Son Of A Whore might imply a life of poverty which Kovacs experiences in Watchmen but Eric Cartman definitely doesn't: on the flip side, the prostitute mother might be incredibly rich, which, for example, an Ethical Slut mum wouldn't be.

    • On How I Met Your Mother, Barney's mother is one of these, which explains why he is white and his brother is black.
  • July 2, 2012
  • July 2, 2012
    ^ @Midnight Rambler: There's nothing in the description or Laconic of Stacys Mom's to indicate that the character is promiscuous, which is the defining element of this proposal.
  • July 2, 2012
    Music: Lou Reed's Berlin album is a compendium of some of the most depressive downer songs ever recorded. Side Two has some real corkers: The Kids is a tearjerker, with Reed laconically cataloguing the multiple failures of an ex-wife which resulted in her children being taken into care. Punctuated with screaming children being dragged off screaming for Mummy, ths is Nightmare Fuel...

    They've taken her children away/Because they said she was not a good mother;/They've taken her children away/ Because she was makin' it/With sisters and brothers/And all of the others/ who came there to stay.../ that miserable rotten slut couldn't turn anyone away....
  • July 2, 2012
    We could move the slutty mom examples from Son Of A Whore to this, since they don't fit there.
  • July 2, 2012
  • July 2, 2012
    Blythe House, mother of Gregory House, turns out to have gotten around some. House determines through DNA testing that his late father wasn't his biological father. He later meets the Navy chaplain she had an affair with. Turns out he isn't either.
    House: You know what this means?
    Wilson: Your mom's a slut?
    House: That, and she's not as boring as I thought she was.
  • July 7, 2012
    From Chess, "Pity the Child", the American sings about his mother

    The American:
    She made her move the moment he crawled away
    I was the last the woman told
    She never let her bed get cold
    Someone moved in-I shut the door
    Someone to treat her just the same way as before
  • July 7, 2012
    Not sure that American Dad counts since Stan is mostly referring to Francine before they got married and had kids.
  • July 7, 2012
    • AHEM* what does her active sex life mean? I.e. where is the trope? Does her promiscuity mean she's unfit to raise a child? Does it mean she's down with it and a Cool Parent?

    If there's no meaning specified, it's just Mothers Who Have Sex.
  • July 7, 2012
    Monroe, the recurring loser character featured in Mad Magazine, has a neglectful promiscuous mother in addition to his other woes.