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Scripted Battle
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A battle in a video game, often an RPG, that follows a script instead of acting like a regular battle. Often serves as Gameplay and Story Integration. Most examples will be either Hopeless Boss Fight or Foregone Victory, but the reverse is less likely: a bunch of examples of those tropes will act like a normal battle, just one that happens to be impossible to win or impossible to lose. A Hopeless Boss Fight that immediately kills you on the first turn simply because the boss is so powerful can be an example, depending on how important the manner in which that's done is.

Could maybe use a wittier title, but I can't think of one that's at all clear.

  • The battle with Nyx at the end of Persona 3 is scripted to portray the protagonist charging up his Spirit Bomb and Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Cloud's last battle with Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII is lots of staring and one Omnislash. If you really want, you can replace the Omnislash with an attack from Sephiroth and a counterattack from Cloud, but it's clear that the Omnislash is how the battle is supposed to go.
  • Many games have scripted tutorial battles.
  • The third form of Kingdom of Loathing's Naughty Sorceress can take one of two paths depending on whether or not you have a certain item, and will either be a Hopeless Boss Fight or a Foregone Victory by the time you make it there. Either way, the battle consists of one entirely scripted attack (barring years' worth of Sequence Breaking).
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