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Rivals' Romance
Signs of romance (or potential for it) between opposite sides of a respectful rivalry.

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Do We Have This One?? Oh and I'm open to title suggestions.

On the one hand there is Foe Yay, where mortal enemies are perceived if not characterized as having some form of sexual or romantic tension. Going along the extremes of love and hate, they meet on the other end.

This, however, is for rivals for whom hate would most certainly not be a fitting word, who would consider each other Worthy Opponents, and ones who have a sportsman-like (or sportswoman-like) approach to their rivalry. In turn, love would seem more compatible with their style of rivalry, if only for the admiration that is sometimes involved.

If and when this gets launched it might imply pulling some examples away from Foe Yay towards this one, if the "foes" are mild rivals.


  • One example that previously provided the page image was about was Rex Goudie and Melissa O'Neil, while they were the final two contestants on Canadian Idol. Here is the Youtube video. Melissa O'Neil won, and since then they were in a relationship. They broke up after a while though.
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