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Weapons grade vocabulary
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Tagon:I see you've just been exposed to Ennesby's weapons-grade vocabulary.
Jevee Ceeta:My stomach is in my throat right now. It's trying to spit acid on the parts of my brain that remember reading his message.

There's talking, insults, fighting words... and then there's weapons-grade vocabulary.

There's a saying that sticks and stones hurts but words don't, but with this weapons-grade vocabulary, this person can actually physically hurt people. Does not apply if its done by magic or sheer loudness. Don't have to be spoken, because it can be read as trope naming example shows. Could apply if its hurtful knowledge, like long held secret, as long as person is physically hurt by mere spoken or written words.

If the damage is by magic, its Words Can Break My Bones. If its convicting other character or monster to hurt/kill themselves it's Talking the Monster to Death. Compare with Brown Note which is merely sound or image. If it's visual metaphor for the words hurting people (usually psychologically), then it's closer to Harsh Word Impact.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • Dr. Slump - Arale's boisterously loud "HOWDYA DO!" comes out as solid words and is capable of knocking people off their feet.

  • There was an issue of The Authority where Apollo and Midnighter were trying to stop the deaths caused by a killer word: anyone who heard it would kill themselves, but not before whispering the word to someone else, repeating the process.

[[folder:Film]] [[/folder]]

Goddam looked mournful. "I know how it is," he said. "I was in the war. Pinned down in a deadly hail of Jap fire..."
Spam gagged, and his arm went limp.
  • The Hitchhikers Guidetothe Galaxy has Vogon poetry, which makes the listeners seriously ill or worse. It is advised to take some other option than that.
    • Another example is this is this = they gave a truth serum to someone and, in court, told them to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Everyone in the courtroom died and a special SWAT team had to deal with the problem.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  • The Munchkin card game card "cutting remark"
  • The unusual example of hurting yourself by speaking: The supplement Book of Vile Darkness also contains "dark speech" - a language so vile, it is impossible to actually communicate with it; with proper preparation you can tie it into magical effects but trying to just straight utter the words would make your mouth bleed.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • There is a Megaphone weapon in Parodius where the attack is words coming out of your spaceship.
  • There's several sound-based attacks in the Pokémon series, varying in type between Makes Me Wanna Shout, Brown Note and this. **An example of this type is 'Snarl', a dark-type attack that seemingly involves the pokémon ranting and shouting at the target for a while, inflicting damage and lowering their attack-power.
  • Also, in Phoenix Wright, particularly clever counterpoints apparently have the ability to hit opposing attorneys like a gale-force wind, throwing them back, making them flinch and, in one particularely Crowning Moment of Awesome case, tearing all the hair off a person's head, leaving him mostly bald.
  • Mediators in Final Fantasy Tactics usually talk the monster to death or manipulate their stats with speech skills, but they can also equip dictionaries which they read from; reading from them (somehow) hurts enemies.

  • This Schlock Mercenary webcomic named this trope.
  • The What's New with Phil and Dixie strip in Dragon magazine #72 (April 1983) was about jesters. The middle of this page has a jester killing a monster with bad puns. The next panel shows the danger of unintended side effects.
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