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Arena Fighting Game

A FightingGame focused on FreeFloorFighting and simple controls in the 3rd-Person

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[I'm going to be completely honest: I have no idea how to easily define this or differentiate it from other tropes, so I'm going to need help there. There's a decent chance I actually have two or three separate tropes here]

This is a type of 3-D Fighting Game focus heavily on the complex, multidimensional environments, fast, easily-controlled characters to fight in them, and usually plenty of flash. The most distinctive trait of these games is their pick-up-and-play combat design and distinctive camera placement, which comes in two types.

  • 3rd-Person: Sometimes these games choose to stay positioned behind the characters. These games closely resemble a Dynasty Warriors-style Hack and Slash or Devil May Cry-style Beat 'em Up game, but in a player-versus-player approach. Because of genre's tenancy to easily-accessed projectiles, these games can have elements of a Third-Person Shooter.
  • Fixed Camera: This has the camera angle staring at large board in pseudo 3-D. These games resemble a 3/4 View, but with more free-form mobility and multiple levels of elevation.

The point is that these games avoid norm that has two fighters continuously facing each other down from a Side View in a fixed space, but whose primary gameplay still consists of combat.

Theses games don't often rely on the technicality required for their 3-D and 2-D counterparts, but benefit heavily from Rule of Cool in their simplistic controls and creative level-design that relies on Free Floor Fighting. This isn't to say they can't have equally high skill-ceilings as a conventional fighter. Sometimes they'll allow several fighters in play at once, and encourage tactics such as using the environment to escape or dodge projectiles. Outside factors like items and stage-hazards can be a factor, and they can sometimes be very aerial-based, much like a 3-D Platform Fighter, except the traditional method of depleting the opponent's Life Meter is more-often utilized over over forcing the opponent out of the stage.

There's a chance for overlap with 3-D Action RPG and Action-Adventure games that have boss fights, along with the equivalent boss fights seen in the aforementioned Hack and Slash or Beat 'em Up games. Also, this can plausibly happen any time a more conventional fighting game takes the route of an adventure mode when there are boss fights inside these games (such as Soul Calibur Legends and Tekken Force/Death by Degrees) . Thanks to the common reliance on spectacle, many Licensed Fighting Games take this route, so there's a certain overlap with Mascot Fighter.



Fixed Camera

There are many examples in Platform Fighter that, while highly mobile and less serious than most fighting games, aren't in 2-D and don't involve knocking an opponent off the stage. I'd like to be able to move those over here when applicable.
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