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Hundred Percent Adoration Rating
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"The Lienid love their princes".
-- Graceling

There are rulers who everyone hates. There are plain old bad rulers - God Save Us from the Queen!, the Royally Screwed Up, or The Caligula. There are useless rulers. Then there are characters such as The High Queen, The Wise Prince and those pulling off a Vetinari Paradox who do their job well. And then there are people with this. Everyone loves them. They aren't just loyal. They aren't just grateful to have them in charge. They actually care about their rulers on a personal level. A simple request - not an order, an appeal - will get immediate results. They will be hugely honored when a favor is granted to them. Threatening or insulting their ruler triggers anger. If a ruler is sick or hurt, they'll worry like it's their own family. They follow wherever the rulers lead, but never forget that they're human. These rulers have a Hundred Percent Adoration Rating. They are almost always Royals Who Actually Do Something and almost always Modest Royalty.

Contrast 0% Approval Rating.


Anime and {{Manga}

  • The Lienid in Kristin Cashore's Graceling tend to feel this way about their princes, as the page quote indicates - a sea captain is explicitly described as worrying about one such prince "as if it were a member of her family".
  • The short story "American History" portrays John F. Kennedy as regarded this way; possibly Truth in Television.

Should We Have This?? Also, is the Kennedy example Truth in Television or Hollywood History? I would not know.
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