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Needs an inhaler
An astmhatic character needs his/her inhaler,usually during fear,excitement,or infatuation.
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"I need my inhaler!" -Milhouse Van Houten from The Simpsons

Usually, in Real life people who suffer from asthma will need his/her inhaler but that's usually for emergencies. A trope prevalent in Western animation (Mostly in the Dark age of animation) and is almost Always male and is often used with nerds.


  • From the page quote above, Milhouse van Houten from the Simpsons is commonly seen using his inhaler, usually in moments involving Lisa and being bullied.

  • Another example from the Simpsons, the other nerds (Martin Prince and the AV Club) are prone to this trope.

  • From My gym partner's a monkey, Woobie and/or Jerkass (depending on the writer) Henry the Armadillo is also prone to this.

  • Despite popular belief not every person with asthma needs his/her inhaler that much (Also, not every asthmatic person is a nerd, for example, Theodore Roosevelt, Leader of the Rough riders, future president, and all around badass had asthma as a kid, He got better) unless it's a very, VERY severe case this is'nt likely to happen.

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