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Last Minute Ending Choice
Choosing an ending in game with multiple endings by last minute dialogue choice or decision.
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In games that feature Multiple Endings oftentimes players is given ending chosen on the basis of his decisions and actions throughout the game.

In others you just reach the Endingtron 3000, a mysterious machine that will play one of the endings depending on which button you press. Some games mask it's presence by making a critical decision look like a part of a dialogue with NPC or choice of doors, maybe a path.

This trope is at work whenever an ending of the game hinges on a single choice made by player at the very end of the game. It does not necessairly mean that previous choices have absolutely no bearing on the ending - they may change some details, but the last second decision will be always that one, most deciding factor.

Named after the description of this trope instance in Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Yahtzee

As with all Ending Tropes, beware of spoilers.


  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Has literal machine allowing you to choose an ending by pushing appropriate button. To a lesser extent original Deus Ex which also made ending depend on one decision made at last level, but executed with set of differing mission targets instead of single dialogue.
  • Mass Effect 3: One of three possible endings (with slight variations depending on War Assets and Galactic Readiness) is chosen by walking toward on of three "devices".
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