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Multimillion-Dollar Failure
Millions of dollars spent on the production of the movie, yet everyone seems to hate anyway
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Hollywood is the ultimate proof that it doesn't matter how much money you spend to make something, without human talent, the money doesn't mean nothing, so, there are many, many examples of media works, that had high or even astronomic budgets, yet, they met with huge disapproval both from the public and the professional critics.

This is very common in films, after all, the most important part of a movie is the script, and that requires only papers, a pencil and a talented mind, yet it is still kinda overlooked by executives that decide what movies will be made and how, often accompanied by trying to make an adaptation that simply won't work in a new medium, this can also happen thanks to a Troubled Production.

Not all of those examples are necessarily bad however, there are some works that were considered decent and have their fans, yet it's amazing to see so much money being spent on something that it's just OK or divides opinions.

Not to be confused with Box Office Bomb, where the movie is a financial failure, but not necessarily a reception failure.

Since this is an Audience Reaction page, to prevent flame wars and personal opinions, most examples should have only the title, the budget, and two collective ratings (Tomatometer, Metascore), one from professional critics, and one from the public, don't remove an example just because you like it and don't add something just because you personally hate, just add examples where there's a huge dissonance between the production values and the general opinion of people, also, the score from the critics and the public shouldn't be much different, to prove there is no Critical Dissonance.


  • Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever - Budget: US$70 million | Tomatometer: 0% | Audience: 25% liked it
  • Batman & Robin - Budget: US$125 million | Tomatometer: 12% | Audience: 28% liked it
  • Batman Forever - Budget: $100 million | Tomatometer: 41% | Audicence: 42% liked it
  • Battlefield Earth - Budget: US$44 million | Tomatometer: 2% | Audience: 14% liked it
  • Cars 2 - Budget: US$200 million | Tomatometer: 39% | Audience: 54% liked it
  • Catwoman - Budget: US$100 million | Tomatometer: 9% | Audience: 34% liked it
  • Showgirls - Budget: US$45 million | Tomatometer: 14% | Audience: 35% liked it
  • Stealth - Budget: US$138 million | Tomatometer 13% | Audience: 48% liked it
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash - Budget: US$100 million | Tomatometer: 6% | Audience: 19% liked it
  • Waterworld - Budget: US$175 million (Most expensive movie at the time it was made) | Tomatometer: 43% | Audience: 46% liked it
  • Wild Wild West - Budget: US$170 million | Tomatometer: 21% | Audience: 39% liked it
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