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Mouth Camera Obstruction
While a character is running, the inside of their mouths obscure the screen
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When a character is walking or running from something, sometimes the camera shows them moving straight ahead. And when as they close in on the camera they leave their mouths open and the camera enters their mouths.


  • Arthur:
    • "Big Brother Binky Part 1" during the opening scene Binky and Arthur are running away from D.W. while constantly talking and D.W. chases them. D.W. tells them wait and the camera enters her mouth.
  • Back at the Barnyard:
    • "Meet the Ferrets" when Freddy gets mixed up while talking to his parents and Otis at the same time, he freezes for a minute and runs away screaming; with his mouth entering the screen.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • "House of Bloo's Part 3" Eduardo does this when he charges at the Extremeasaurus while it's twirling Mac.
    • "Land of the Flea" again with Eduardo while he's being chased by Frankie and Mr. Herriman. Bloo stops him and asks for his fleas, but Eduardo just jumps over him and runs screaming.
    • "Say It Isn't Sew" Bloo does it in a dream he has. When dreams of being old and still trapped with Madame Foster, and is being chased by a giant ball of yarn.
    • "Nightmare on Wilson Way" with Bloo again when he sees a dark figure in the front door of the house, which turns out to just be Wilt.
  • The Garfield Show:
    • "Mother Garfield" Garfield does this when he sees Harry with his Bluebirds and he runs out the door shouting "MY BABIES!!"
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius:
    • "Sleepless In Retroville" during a series of dreams; Hugh dreams about him and Judy running from monster pillows. As he is running downstairs his mouth enters the camera.
  • Mr. Bogus:
    • In the second act of the episode "Totally Bogus Video", Bogus enters a movie poster with a picture of a ballerina. When Bogus attempts to dance ballet with the ballerina, the ballerina kicks him while dancing, which causes Bogus to fly through the air, with his mouth filling up the screen.
  • Teacher's Pet Spot does this during the song "I Wanna Be a Boy". Spot runs towards the camera screaming "BOY!" and his mouth enters the screen.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series:
    • "Swirly" Stitch does it when he's being dragged out the house by a hypnotized Lilo; he was hanging on to the T.V. and saying "Look At This" as the camera enters his mouth.
    • "Remmy" Pleakley does this when he first encounters Mertle and her friends as monsters.
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