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Genre Dissonance

When a work that belongs to one genre uses an element usually not associated with that genre.

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Genre Dissonance is similar to Soundtrack Dissonance; it's when you look at a work and 90% of what you see tells you one thing, there's just one element that is in sharp contrast to that. The difference is, rather than the emotional content of a scene, the contrast is between elements which make up genre.

An easy way to tell if a work is this trope would be to imagine the work without the foreign element. If the work unequivocally belongs to one genre if you ignore that one element, it matches.

Super Trope to Genre Refugee and Our Monsters Are Different. Compare Unexpected Gameplay Change. Contrast Genre-Busting, which is when a work doesn't have a recognisable genre to be dissonant from. If the dissonant element is only in it for a short amount of time, it's Out-of-Genre Experience.


Anime and Manga
  • Samurai Champloo is the story of samurai in feudal Japan... with a hip-hop soundtrack and breakdancing.

Comic Books


Live-Action Television
  • Caprica is the Cyberpunk prequel to a SpaceOpera... with a 1950's aesthetic.
  • Alias is a show about slick spies... who repeatedly get caught up in a quest for a mystical treasure and unraveling an ancient prophesy.

Western Animation

Video Games
  • Portal is a puzzle game...with FPS-style gameplay.
  • Terraria is a game with a magical psudo-medieval theme and tons of fantasy monsters... and ray guns and light sabers.
  • Metal Gear is a stealth game . . . with magical realism.

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