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Timing for Death
Predicting death from the plot.
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As You Know, Anyone Can Die, and We All Die Someday. But how did those Genre Savvy audience always being able to predict the exact moment of a character's death? It's because, in fiction, characters seldom die because they did something dangerous, like taunting The Hero, but because the Plot says so. Or more specificly, there are certain rules on when do someone die.

For example, every death is important, therefore it's highly unlikely to see a main character dies while nothing special lies in the plot yet, unless that's Status Quo for your Crapsack World. Meanwhile, we all know that there are such thing as death flags, and when the plot comes to a important point, with a Decisive Battle, Space Battle or Final Battle present, Mooks and Red Shirts die in thousands or millions, and some main characters may get killed in between, so if a main character dies, it'll be very likely to be on that time, where the Plot Armor finally breaks for the sake of plot. Predicting death is actually very simple in fiction.

And with the same technique, you can pinpoint the exact moment of a character's death too - no matter how badly hurt you're, before you get all things you need to tell said, that Instant Death Bullet isn't going to take your life. Well, except when you're not supposed to know that yet.

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Compare Plot Armor. Contrast Surprisingly Sudden Death. See also Death Is Dramatic, Dropped a Bridge on Him, Trope Telegraphing.
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