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Spacetime Eater
A creature that eats time and/or space.
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For this type of being, sustenance goes well beyond organic matter -- or any kind of matter. More dangerous than those who feed on blood, Life Energy, or planets, what it eats does not even exist tangibly, for it feeds on existence itself. Such individuals often display The Power of the Void.

See also Reality Warper, which is about controlling reality instead of eating it, and Clock Roaches which are guardians of causality that eliminate things that threaten it.


  • The Neverending Story. The Nothing is consuming the land of Fantasia. If it isn't stopped, Fantasia will be destroyed.

  • The Anti-Monitor of The DCU destroys and absorbs the energies of many universes to become stronger. The instability of the few universes eventually causes the creation of the pre-New 52 New Earth.
  • Mister Mind almost became this in 52, bringing the 52 alternate universes in existence (their main differences being the parts of the respective realities which he "ate").

  • The Bigger Bad of The Atrocity Archive is an infovore, an extrauniversal intelligence that feeds on quantum information, causing the Alternate Universe it was summoned into to gradually collapse.
  • "The Space Eaters" by Frank Belknap Long begins with a conversation between the narrator and his friend on such Eldritch Abominations:
    "Suppose there were a greater horror? Suppose evil things from some other universe should decide to invade this one? Suppose we couldn't see them? Suppose we couldn't feel them? Suppose they were of a color unknown on Earth, or rather, of an appearance that was without color?... What could we do? Our hands would be tied. You cannot oppose what you cannot see or feel. You cannot oppose the thousand-dimensional. Suppose they should eat their way to us through space!"
  • Stephen King's The Langoliers had an airliner fly through a "time rip", landing at an airport with all its passengers but ten disappeared. The ten passengers, who were all sleeping during the passage through the rift, were all stuck in time such that time did not move forward (although they could move within that frame). Eventually, they saw mysterious ball-like creatures with sharp gnashing teeth literally "eating" the surrounding existence itself, approaching them....

Tabletop Games
  • The Eldrazi titans from Magic The Gathering were exactly this before being trapped in a physical form on the plane of Zendikar by three powerful planeswalkers. Now they simply nom Zendikar from the inside, turning everything they meet to dust.
    • Another Magic: The Gathering example: While each variety of atog has its own diet, the chronatog is the most bizarre and is described as feeding on time... somehow. In the card game this is represented by the player skipping his next turn.

  • Unicron from the Transformers eats universes. In every continuity he's the same individual, at some different point in his existence. Some universes he devours, others are saved from him, and he's shunted to the next one to begin the cycle anew. According to the Transtech Cybertronians, Unicron has succesfully terminated 1,176,325 universes so far (out of 15,962,782 catalogued by them).

Video Games
  • Chrono Cross has the Time Devourer, the main antagonist of the game and the fusion of Lavos and Schala from the previous game.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has two:
    • From Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), there's the god of time and light Solaris, who plans to devour all of existence.
    • Sonic Generations has the Time Eater, a creature that eats holes in space and time and throwing Sonic into places he's been to before. It turns out that it's an Energy Being that Eggman and his past self turned into a cyborg-mech-abomination.
  • Marathon Infinity has W'rkncacnter, who as soon as it escapes from its prison in the sun screws with reality just by existing, and THEN it starts eating.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Alduin the World-Eater, whose raison d'etre is to devour the universe at the end of time to make way for the next world. In the current one, according to some theories he jumped the gun: it wasn't time for the world to end, which was why first the Tongues, then the Dragonborn were able to defeat him.
  • Neo-Exdeath from Final Fantasy V, who says he/she/it will consume all memories, dimensions, and existence. Then he/she/it too will dissapear, forever.

Real Life
  • While black holes aren't living, they do have a gravitational pull that is so strong that time and space bends towards it.

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