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Evil Ex-Lover
A hero's ex-lover is now his worst enemy.
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So you have a hero (usually a protagonist) facing off against a Dark Action Girl, when suddenly, you learn about a shocking truth. In their youth, rather than being bitter enemies, they were former lovers!

This trope occurs whenever a good aligned character is revealed to have a history of a former Childhood Friend Romance or a marriage with the villainess. Usually the marriage or romance fell through because the lover in question went mad with power and the hero didn't want any more to do with it.

See also: Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, Not Good with Rejection, Evil Former Friend, We Used to Be Friends

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Comic Books
  • This is the backstory to Hero Squared. Captain Valor broke up with his soon-to-be archenemy Caliginous. She responded by becoming a supervillain so super she destroyed their entire universe, then followed him to another to continue the job of trying to kill him.

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