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Falling Onto A Vehicle
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Alternate Title: Fall On The Top Of A Truck

An extremely common trope, especially in action movie. It can be done by a character or an item, usually a MacGuffin.

A character is desperate for an escape, or desperate to get rid of a MacGuffin. He jumps off or throws the object out from a bridge, inside a building, rooftop or a cliff. This will nearly always land on a moving vehicle, which conveniently leave the scene. They may escape successfully, or a Chase Scene may follow. This action may or may not be intentional.

Often, the vehicle they land on is either a truck, a train, a boat, or an airship or other hovering aircraft if the fall may otherwise kill them. Sometimes, the hero may fall into a cockpit instead.

In case of a MacGuffin, characters may deliberately throw to send it away, to avoid the MacGuffin from being captured or used. They may also drop it by accident, often in a middle of a struggle, that it lands on a vehicle being only a Contrived Coincidence. At any case, at least one character will do everything in their power to retrieve it.

This trope is invoked whenever an object drop on a moving object that leaves the scene, causing frustration to the characters who were pursuing it. Said moving object does not have to be a vehicle.

Sometimes, this trope is subverted. The attempt could fail and instead the character or item is crushed by the vehicle instead of landing safely. The character or item may end up killed or destroyed, severely injured or damaged, walk it off with only comic relief injuries, or prove itself to be Made Of Diamond destroying the vehicle instead.

Sub-Trope of No Escape but Down. Sister Trope to Jump Off A Bridge which may overlap. Trash Landing is a related trope. If instead somebody catchs a falling character it is Falling into His Arms. Not related to Fell Off the Back of a Truck. If both are destroyed in the process it is a Car Cushion.


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