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You, and possibly your buddies, are in a jam. There's some obstacle in your way, be it a large group of people, a wall, or even a space station, and you don't possess the necessary conventional firepower. you use what's at your disposal. in a lot of cases it may be easy to get your hands on a vehicle of some sort: car, truck, boat, space ship, what have you. usually these vehicles have some form of fuel, or you might have a spare grenade or other explosives. Why not put them together? Like ice-cream and chocolate syrup. Mmmm. Delicious Sundae of DOOOM!!!

The gist of it is that the vehicle acts as a weapon on it's own and as a delivery system for some form of explosive; Such as, the vehicles own fuel (set off by a primary explosion or combustion), high explosives, kegs of black powder, a nuke, whatever fits the situation. NOT Every Car Is a Pinto!

The name came from a Dark Heresy game. One character had randomly asked for bed sheets and flexible plastic tubing and the group had to assault an arbitus (police) station. They had driven there in a truck. Instead of charging into a building full of prepared and well armed arbites, They stuck a bed sheet in the gas tank let it soak a little, lit it, and put a cinder block on the gas petal. It drove itself straight into the front of the building, like a giant motorized molotov cocktail. It took a minute, but KABOOM!! made the whole thing a lot easier.

Related: Car Fu and External Combustion. kind of an X Meets Y of the two. Action Bomb.



  • In The Power of Five, Matt's aunt is mind-controlled and attempts to kill Matt by driving one of these into his school.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Tyrion Lannister devastates a Greyjoy fleet by sending in ships filled with wildfire, a highly explosive alchemical substance.


  • Fifth season of LOST have this. Ben use a Molotov Truck as a diversion to get rid of the guards so he can break a certain guy out of jail.
  • Subverted in the Hornblower episode "The Examination for Lieutenant" the Spanish sail a fire ship (an old ship packed with gunpowder and set alight) into Gibraltar. Hornblower and Foster manage to steer it clear of the British fleet.
  • In the Mission: Impossible episode "Nitro", the IMF has to stop a near-eastern ultra-nationalist group from blowing up a government building with truck full of nitrogylcerine.
  • The crew of Serenity load up their 4x4 with incendiaries and drive it into the guard post on Niska's space station in the Firefly episode "War Stories".


Engineer: "Why has the captain ordered self-destruct?"
Scotty: "I would say, lass, because he thinks, he hopes, that when we go up, we'll take the intruder with us."
Engineer: "Will we?"
Scotty: "When that much matter and anti-matter come together, oh yes, we will indeed!"
  • In Ernest Goes to Camp, the kids get the idea to take out the bulldozer threatening to destroy the camp by loading up the runaway maintenance cart with all the volatile stuff they can get their hands on and ramming it. Unfortunately, the kids realize they don't have enough material to make a suitable boom, until Ernest shows up with the local Lethal Chef's latest batch of Eggs Erroneous, "the most powerful substance known to man!" This being an Ernest movie, it works beautifully.

Video Games

  • Actually a recommended strategy for some Grand Theft Auto missions, if I recall correctly.
  • Command And Conquer Red Alert with the Lybians
  • Age Of Empires With the Fire Junk of the Chinese.
  • Command & Conquer: Generals: The GLA (totally not Al-Qaida ripoffs) have a bomb truck unit, that can carry either explosives or anthrax. It can also be disguised as any vehicle, so the enemy thinks it a resource gatherer.

Real life

  • The British used a galleon packed with gunpowder and set alight against the Spanish armada during one of t
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