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Cooking Asian food includes swinging big knives in a hostile manner.
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A person cooking any kind of Asian food will eventually end up swinging a cleaver in a way that could end up beheading someone, be it a fish or an intruder taking a shortcut through the kitchen. The person in question doesn't have to be Asian, but most often is.

Bonus points for any kind of influences from martial arts.

Compare with Chef of Iron (and has nothing to do with Iron Chef...hopefully).

  • In one of the Police Academy films, Commandant Lassard, his goldfish, and Lieutenant Harris visit an Asian restaurant, where the cooks work at bar-like platforms. The actual selling point of the place actually might be showy preparation of food just under the customer's eyes.
  • This is the way the penguins in Madagascar serve sushi.

Live-Action Television
  • In Sonny Spoon (mid-Eighties adventure/comedy TV series starring Mario Van Peebles) Sonny is undercover at an Asian restaurant (like Benihana's, the kind where they prepare the food on a griddle in front of you) pretending to be an asian chef. He loses control of one of his knives and accidentally pins a guy's cigarette to the wall. He covers it by saying, "Prease, no smoking."
  • One skit in Mystery Science Theater 3000 shows Mike Flashbacking to his days as a teppanyaki chef. He cuts Crow's hand off whilst swinging knives around.
    Servo: Mike's dangerous enough just wielding that big, clunky body of his!
  • Soap: Jodie seems to be fond of taking his girlfriends to hibatchi grills. He takes Carol, where she tells him that she's pregnant. He's nonplussed at best, because he's gay (they did sleep together, but it was a one night stand). The chef is so distracted by their conversation he accidentally stabs himself in the leg.
    • Three seasons later, he takes his new girlfriend Maggie to a hibatchi and they discuss his recent marriage proposal.

Newspaper Comics

Video Games
  • In one of the Revelations in Yakuza 4, a cheating man is caught by his wife, and she proceeds to fight him Wire Fu-style while swinging a cleaver. There's also a few chef enemies that fight with butcher knives and cleavers.
  • In Breath Of Fire 2 you visit a restaurant where this trope is in full effect ( and they try to cook and serve you). You even have the option of being taught the move "chop-chop" (which is pretty much this trope as an attack) by the chef after defeating him.

Western Animation
  • Mojo Jojo does the hibachi chef knife flourish for The Powerpuff Girls when he has to babysit for them.

Real Life
  • Truth in Television, as hibachi grill-style restaurants are based around executing tricks with knifes as a way to entertain the customers.

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