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In Video Games, there are items, abilities, etc. that help players level up, especially when Level Grinding is a problem.

Compare Leaked Experience, if it happens by default; and Rare Candy, which provides an instant boost in stats.


Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • In early editions:
      • Having a high value in the correct ability score increased earned Experience Points by 10%.
      • There were magic items that could increase the number of Experience Points gained by the owner or permanently increase a character's level.

Video Games
  • Some Final Fantasy games have an experience-modifying item.
    • Final Fantasy VI called it the "Exp.Egg", doubling the user's experience gain.
    • Certain weapons in Final Fantasy VII had Double (or even Triple) the rate of AP gain.
    • Certain weapons in Final Fantasy X also had double AP gain.
    • In Final Fantasy XII, the Golden Amulet doubles the LP gained, and the Embroidered Tippet doubles EXP.
  • Pokémon: the Exp. All (from Red, Blue, and Yellow only) and Exp. Share divides experience gained from battle among your party or a certain Pokémon when held respectively, and Lucky Egg, which doubles the experience gained in battle, and rarely held by Chansey.
    • The Macho Brace, Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, and Power Anklet affect Effort Value gains after battle, with the first doubling all, and the rest quadrupling a particular Effort Value.
      • The Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tamato Berries decrease Effort Values of a particular stat.
  • Golden Sun: Killing a monster with the right type of Djinn gets increased experience, money, and chance of randomly dropping an item.
  • In many Flash games where you can buy upgrades (shooters, Tower Defenses, RPGs, etc.), there is often an item that gets extra experience (or money) per kill, very often the first that should be obtained.
  • By giving them the proper titles, any item from Phantom Brave may become this.
  • In a New Game+ of Mass Effect 2, the entire squad received 25% more experience.
  • While Dungeon Siege has no experience points, items that artificially raised your skills and had you use them (like an axe that raised your melee skill) fulfilled the Experience Modifier role: having higher modified skill meant you landed more hits, and landing more hits raised the base skill value faster, and, of course, the modified skill value rose as well.
  • World of Warcraft has Rested EXP when you log off in an Inn you build an overlapping meter in which you get double exp from kills till you hit that point.
  • One background in Arcanum ("Nietzsche Poster Child") increases EXP gain by 10% while giving the character a noticeable boost to critical failure rate ("That which does not kill me can only make me stronger."). Unless you are going for a Pacifist Run (as diplomats don't make rolls that can critically fail, but do have limited sources of EXP), it's not worth it, [[hottip:*:Arcanum combat favors fast weapons with multiple blows over slow strong ones, making failures occur often and combined with Arcanum also using a system of getting EXP per attack instead of per kill means you get enough EXP anyways]].
  • In the Persona games, there are two types of experience modifiers: Social Links and from after-battle Shuffles. The Shuffles are cards you can earn after a battle that automatically raise how much experience is earned from the battle or randomly raise a persona's stats. Social Links, the higher they are, give bonus experience when creating personae through fusion according to the corresponding Social Link/Arcana.
  • Runescape has all sorts of experience boosters. The Runescape Wiki has a list.
  • In Too Human, as your combo meter raises you get extra xp (max of 3% at level 3 combo meter) Runes can also be fitted into weapons and armor that also boost the amount of xp gained (stackable up to a certain amount, unsure of the cap)
  • Aion also has rest xp as well as bonus xp that starts to show up if you are leveling too slowly

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