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Too Common For Examples
A predefined message for when a trope would just get flooded if it listed any examples, or just straight examples.
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Part of making a message to fill in some misuse with People Sit on Chairs on behalf of the TRS thread.

There are Universal Tropes and Omnipresent Tropes, and then there are these. These aren't chairs, but they are so widespread that listing any examples would literally mean listing almost every single work in that genre, medium, or more. Basically, if a work is in that category, it certainly has that trope.

This tends to come as two forms.
  • No examples whatsoever. Only the most super of Super Tropes get this treatment. They always have many Sub Tropes that are Super Tropes.
  • No examples on the page, period. This is reserved for the super-Super Tropes, which already have loads of Sub Tropes listed that would cover those examples.
  • No examples other than Playing with a Trope. For some really common tropes, playing it straight is the norm. Thus only playing it otherwise gets listed. This is also one of the few times it's valid to list an Averted Trope, since the lack of such common tropes affects the story.

Now it is important to note that this usually just means not listing examples on that trope page. Normally it is perfectly fine to list and explain a trope on work pages, since not all works do a tropes the same way.

Related to Missing Supertrope and Omnipresent Tropes. Not to be confused with People Sit on Chairs, which is about the lack of meaning.
IMPORTANT: Should this have a list of tropes like this, or just leave it as a predefined message?
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