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Romantic Hero Worship
A character's admiration of another character's prowess develops romantic or sexual overtones
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When a character falls in love and/or lust - or at least develops a strong infatuation - based on admiration of another character's glorious deeds or sheer awesomeness. There may be an element of "do you want them or want to be them?", with the admired character serving as a role model as well as lust object. If the Memetic Badass is also a Memetic Sex God, this may be the reason why. Compare Rescue Romance.

This is different from simply being attracted to someone who's Badass or extremely competent. If you find Solid Snake sexy because of his character development, his voice acting, or the tight Spy Catsuit but also appreciate his badassery, that is not this trope. If what really attracts you is his Determinator nature and ability to take on Humongous Mecha on foot, and the visible Fetish Fuel is just gravy, that would be this trope.


Anime and Manga
  • Misa from Death Note at first worships Kira, before even meeting him. Then she meets Light, and her admiration only deepens. After getting to know him better, she falls head over heels. Which most certainly has nothing to do with him being young and handsome.
  • Bleach: upon first seeing her, Soi Fon was awed by the woman who would later become her sempai: Yoruichi Shihouin. Years later, after becoming Yoruichi's personal bodyguard and protege, Soi Fon's admiration had become hero worship. The point where those feelings changed to "those" feelings is unclear, but there's no denying that Soi Fon has it bad for Yoruichi.
  • Kallen in Code Geass becomes pretty heavily infatuated with Zero after becoming his right-hand woman in the rebellion he leads to liberate her people. She is bitterly disappointed to find out his real identity: her classmate, Lelouch.



  • Melissa in El Goonish Shive seems to have something like this with Noah. It's not shown yet what he did before her eyes, but after that she's enthusiastically confident in her boyfriend's abiity to kick the butt of any size. The Makeover turning the "blonde androgynous interloper" into a dark cloaked hero probably helps, too.

Western Animation

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