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Cool Ship Junior
Lost the Cool Ship in a dramatic scene? Let's just get another one with the same name.
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Seen It a Million Times, Do We Have This One?? Open to suggestions for other names.

Fans of Star Trek will be familiar with this one. You have your Cool Ship, where the Command Roster and The Squad keep all of their stuff and go on their adventures. You go through so many cool things, before you are forced to Abandon Ship during a WHAM Episode.

Of course, Death Is Cheap for vehicles even moreso than for it is for people, especially if they are not a Living Ship of some sort. What better way to get over the loss of your ship than to replace it with another ship, oftentimes identical in every way, right down to the name. Some small nod might be made to the fact that it is a new ship by adding a letter or number to the end of the name. Could also be seen as a vehicular form of Legacy Character.

Often Truth in Television, but not with such consistency as it happens in fiction. Compare to Dead Guy Junior and Replacement Goldfish.


  • Star Trek:
    • There is a very long line of ships named Enterprise, including one that was all but a Replacement Goldfish for the previous one.
    • They had two Defiants from Deep Space Nine. The new Defiant didn't even get a letter to tag onto the end of her name like the Enterprises did.
  • Babylon 5:
    • Played With. The titular space station is, as suggested by the name, the fifth in a long line of space stations. The first three were sabotaged and destroyed, the fourth one disappeared without a trace.
    • From the same series, the White Star. A subversion, in that they went through most of the third season with this singular Cool Starship, before The Reveal that she was only the first of an entire fleet of such ships, with all of their names simply being White Star with a number on the end. This didn't make her destruction any less dramatic, under the circumstances.
  • Mass Effect 2: The Normandy SR-2. In this case, the ship was a different design, built and operated by a different organization entirely from her predecessor, but was given the name by her captain for sentimental reasons.

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