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Affection Dump/Affection Magnet
Someone characterized with making others care for him/her.
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Alt title: Honorary Younger Sibling

This is about a character in a cast whom everyone loves and cares for, as their younger sibling of sorts. Basically, everyone will show their Big Brother Instinct (or Mama Bear, or Papa Wolf) towards this character and become furious when said character is slighted in any way. Tend to overlap with The Heart, The Woobie and Token Mini-Moe, but not always.

Some of them, however, may realize the potential of this and thus become Deliberately Cute Child just to achieve this effect. Only fate decides whether it works or not. Another common subversion (or parody) of this is when said character is actually really unsavory (talks too loudly, being a very dirty person, etc) yet everyone still treats him/her with care.

Related to Moe, but that mostly deals with a culture and Audience Reaction of this.

Compare Cuteness Equals Forgiveness.


Video Games
  • In Persona 4, Nanako Dojima acts like the little sister of the party. There's this in-game scenario where she is kidnapped and the party goes berserk and nearly kills Namatame, the kidnapper. Also, there's a Side Quest where she needs help with her summer homework. If you decide to help her, all of the party comes to pitch in and help her as well.

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