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This is a pattern that I've seen in several movies. They will feature a person who is considered unpopular. Throughout the course of the movie, something will happen that will suddenly make them very popular and they start to ignore their unpopular friends. Then by the end of the movie, they wake up and realize that their unpopular friends are their true friends, while keeping whatever it was that made them popular.



  • Teen Wolf - Scott becomes popular after he becomes a werewolf.
  • Teen Witch - Louise Miller, Becoming a witch
  • Sky High - William Stronghold, Gaining superpowers
  • Marmaduke - Marmaduke, don't remember what happened, but it is also part of this trope
  • Princess Diaries - Mia Thermopolis, Bbecoming a princess
  • Never Been Kissed - Josey Geller, people believing she was her brother's girlfriend.

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