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... a CEO behaves theatrically
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A Rockstar CEO is a CEO character, usually of a technology company, who holds conferences and product launches that wouldn't be unfamiliar to stadium rock bands; fireworks, pyrotechnics, troupes of dancing girls and possibly large posters / cutouts of the CEO himself. The CEO usually has a big, showy entrance to the stage; parachuting, teleporting, or otherwise acts like a Large Ham. He is usually adored by the companies customers. The product he's launching or promoting is frequently secondary to the attention focused on the CEO.


  • Die Another Day's antagonist Gustav Graves is introduced parachuting in to his press conference.

Video Games
  • Team Fortress 2: Saxton Hale, Memetic Badass boss of Mann Co., skydives to work every morning. Without a parachute. He just grabs a passing eagle to slow down slightly.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons has Steve Mobbs of the Mapple Corporation, a parody of Steve Jobs, who has his headquarters at the bottom of the ocean, refers to others as "surfacedwellers" and has large screens installed in every Mapple store so he can do live broadcasts whenever he releases anything.
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