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Arc Welding

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So, it turns out, everything, every single villain, doomsday scenario, evil AI, and alien genocide the protagonists have come across is all the work of a single foe--perhaps one they thought they'd defeated long ago, or one they've never even met before but they still have a connection to. But it's all been one big plot--perhaps worst of all, it might have all been a Xanatos Gambit, and all their hard-fought victories have in fact strengthened their ultimate adversary.

This is the method that does one of two things:

1) Turns parts of what has happened in an episodic series is in fact part of an Arc. 2) Takes Arcs, usually important Arcs, that have occured in a more serial series and reveals that they were all part of a Myth Arc.

I.e.: it welds Arcs.
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