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The Password is PASSWORD
A ridiculously easy password is guessed after a few guesses.
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Maybe it's the name of their pet? A birthday? What about their favorite food? The place where they met their true love? Or even the defualt, PASSWORD.

You've seen it plenty of times. Someone's rushing to guess the password to something important. After a few tries, they cleverly figure out what it is based on what they know about the person who set it.

Most security experts recommend that modern passwords contain a combination of letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase to deter hacking attempts. In the world of fiction, no one seems to take this advice.

Even if the rest of the hacking process involves some fancy computer work, the last step often involves this ridiculous step. Despite being the weakest point of security to surpass, it's often the most dramatic in part because it's something the audience can understand whereas the rest of the techie stuff is over their heads.

  • Can be found in almost every movie involving some "hacker" team member.
  • Can be subverted when the password is intentionally ridiculous.
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