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Official Grinding Support
Measures implemented by developers to help grinding easier.
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General RPGs often require strategies to beat enemies as well as Puzzle Bosses, but some players doesn't like it, and decide to go Level Grinding instead. Unfortunately, most developers considered this an incorrect way to play the game, which leads to Anti-Grinding. Some developers, however, do the exact opposite, and put in ways to help you grind levels if you want to.

Subtropes include:
  1. Peninsula of Power Leveling, where some great grinding spots are, for various reasons.
  2. Metal Slimes that give tons of experience, providing you have a reliable way to kill it. Piņata Enemy may also fall into this.
  3. Monsters that aren't affected by the Anti-Grinding diminishing returns, if such thing exists in the game. Its grind-ish nature may be lampshaded in the Monster Compendium too.
  4. Mook Maker enemies, especially if the Mooks created hold significant rewards for killing them.
  5. Leaked Experience for your low-level character to obtain high experiences in a safe manner.
  6. Rare Candy that boost your levels directly, which are helpful especially when your levels are high.
  7. Experience Booster that increase leveling speed.
  8. Encounter Bait, which help you encounter monsters faster, thus increasing the grinding efficiency.

Compare Anti-Frustration Features. Contrast Anti-Grinding, although they can coexist. Also contrast Not the Way It Is Meant to Be Played, which consists of unofficial way to assist grinding process. See also Level Grinding.

Please put examples on each separate sub-tropes, unless it can't be categorized, or you don't know which one it belongs to.


Role-Playing Games
  • The hunting skills in Digital Devil Saga. In addition to inflicting higher damage if the player exploits Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors correctly, they increase the amount of Atma points earned from killed enemies, allowing your party to learn new skills quicker.
  • Super Mario RPG sometimes lets you play a 'Double or Nothing' gambling minigame at the end of combat, doubling either the XP or money earned from the fight if you win.
  • Persona3 does something similar; after a fight you can play a 'pick a card' minigame to decide what reward you'll get, and picking a wand card makes the fight offer more XP than usual.
  • Final Fantasy X gives you two big pieces of help: first, if you score an overkill on your opponents, (finish them off with a strong attack and/or take advantage of their elemental weaknesses) you can get up to double the XP. Second, the game has save spheres at numerous places along your journey. Going up to a save sphere and interacting with it at all, even if you don't actually save the game, fully replenishes the party's health and mana. So you can easily hang out in an area by a sphere, fight Random Encounters, then use the save sphere to heal yourself without using spells or potions, with no disadvantage.

Rogue Like
  • In Dungeons of Dredmor there is a "No Time To Grind" mode which, when selected, makes the dungeon floors half the size and doubles the XP.

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