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CGI Window of Wonderful View
Camera showing an impressive building / space-ship / etc, then closing in on a window were the hero/heroine is standing, (usually) looking out.
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We see a breathtaking, sweeping view: a castle among rugged mountains, a ten-story palace, a mile-long spaceship, a high-tech sky-scraper - something that would have been a model 10 years ago but now is pretty clearly the result of a lot of programming. The camera closes in, we see a window, someone standing at the window... and as the camera gets close enough it usually turns out to be a main character looking out at the view. Can combine the advantage of keeping the production cost low (no models or expensive scenery shots), having a scenery shot which gives an impression of the location, transitioning from scenery back to the characters and whatever they are busy with and, because of that transition, making that scenery look more real.

Examples: Once Upon A Time - Regina standing at the window of her husbands castle (which looked incredibly like a space-ship) Rose Red - One of the last shots of the about to be destroyed building: various ghosts standing at the windows looking down before fading away as the house is finally knocked down.
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