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Team Testosterone
That group of blokes who crowd around an attractive woman and try to get into her pants.
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Up for Grabs

Attractive women get a lot of attention. Sometimes, that attention leads to miniature fanclubs. This trope is those fanclubs, the men who see the gorgeous gal and think "I wanna bang her" - this leads them to do all sorts of gentlemanly things, and try to out-gentleman the other blokes surrounding the target of their mutual affections. It can be as simple as lighting her cigarette for her to offering to as involved as getting her a drink or walking her to her car. Team Testosterone is there to service the lady's every whim.

As for the lady herself, her response may vary. She might not want the attention. Then again, she may very much enjoy it. But the trope here is about that group of guys doing the crowding, so her response really doesn't matter.


  • Singin' in the Rain: While at RF's after-show party, Lina has this going for her. She enjoys it.
  • Rear Window: At one point, Miss Torso (the ballet dancer) as several guys in her flat, all vying for her affection. She wants them to leave.
  • The entire plot of There's Something About Mary.
  • Anita Blake has one wherever she goes. Somewhat justified in that she has vampire sex-powers and having sex with her is supposed to be mind-blowing and or give/you magic powers.
  • Conversed and deconstructed in A Beautiful Mind. John Nash makes an observation of game theory with the scenario of a beautiful blonde and some other less-striking girls, and some guys looking for company. If the guys crowded around the blonde, their efforts would cancel each other out, and then the other girls would give the guys the cold shoulder, because no one likes to be second choice. So the guys' best bet is to agree to leave the blonde alone, and each focus on one of the beta females.

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