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A piece of fictional hardware that obviously spoofs the Apple company and logo.
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You know you've made it when your product keeps being parodied everywhere. Anyway, that's what Apple must be thinking.

You could go with a piece of hardware that has no logo... but come on, it's easy to parody Apple. Their symbol, an apple with a small section bitten off, is really easy to draw... and even easier to spoof.

Which is probably why nowadays, many fictional computers, tablets, smartphones and other pieces of advanced technology bear a logo shaped like a fruit or another type of food. If it's not a fruit or a food of some kind, it'll still be a monochrome symbol of something recognizable or corresponding to the work's context.

A subtrope of Bland-Name Product, as it is clearly mocking the Apple logo. Also compare Everything Is an iPod in the Future. Of course, this is to avoid lawsuits, as are most bland name products. This trope becomes even funnier if that logo is on every type of electronic device the characters use.


Anime and Manga
  • In Digimon, Izzy has a laptop that not only has a pineapple logo, but has the whole "one half white, one half a color" motif of the early iBooks.
  • In Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!, Misaki uses a laptop with a pear logo early on to do student council work.
  • Ouran High School Host Club has Kyouya use a laptop with a pineapple logo.


  • In the Young Wizards books, some younger human wizards have their guide in the form of a laptop. It looks like a Mac... except the apple is whole, which fits the symbolism of the story (it's linked to the fall being caused by biting an apple, so an un-bitten apple represents the world without the fall)
  • In the Terry Pratchett's Hogfather screenplay book, there's a concept sketch of Magitek geek Ponder Stibbons studying a sketchbook resting on his lap. The cover of the book has a pineapple on it.

Live-Action Shows
  • In [[Live Action/iCarly]], some characters us a computer with the logo of a pear.

Newspaper Comics
  • Get Fuzzy plays this straight; with one rare occasion of possible unintentional product-placement for Apple, most in-universe computers have a logo design that features a pear with a bite in it.
  • In Comic Strip/Foxtrot, an iFruit was Jason Fox's computer of choice. Call it a Trope Namer if you wish.
  • This trope actually predates Apple's rise in the domain of smartphones and tablets; in Bloom County, some characters use a Banana Jr. 9000 (or 6000), which parodied the Apple computers.

Video Games

Web Animation
  • A Homestar Runner cartoon showed Bubs made people stand in line to get an iTem.
    • At another point, Bubs thinks that the best way to "modernize" Strong Bad's image is to put a lowercase i in front of it, like iStrong or iBad. Strong Bad declines, saying they fell into the same trap with lowercase e's in the 90's.


Web Original
  • In the Epic Rap Battles of History episode for Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, the logo used is a strawberry.

Western Animation
  • In The Simpsons, a logo that often pops up on hardware is an apple bitten on both sides. That line of products is called Mapple and was created my Steve Mobs.
  • A banana decorates most pieces of hardware in Ben's City.
  • In Danny Phantom, some computers have a pear on them. The pear seems to be a running joke among Nick's shows, being also present in iCarly and some others.
  • In Western Animation/Futurama, the team buys eyePhones from Mom Corp; those have Mom's head as logo.
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