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Most immortals have an odd tendency to be from Europe.
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In fiction a large amount of character who are supposed to be unusually long lived and immortal characters who now inhibit American have a tendency to come from Europe.

At first glance this would seem make sense since America is generally regarded as a land built by migrants. However in some cases the characters are still 'young' enough to have been born and raised in America... which would have spared the audience many bad attempts at accents.

This may be explained by the large number of inhibitants of America who acknowledge themselves as being descended from some region of Europe, which they may unthinking see as almost mystical. Of course it could also be some bizzare form of wish fullfillment for them that someone who knew their great great grandmother in their early twenties would still be alive and kicking.

Ofcourse in more recent works it could be related to the fact that the various European races are the most reasonable ones to explain a lot of the prominent features in the appearance of American actors. Not to mention the fact that the countries in question are the cultures that American concepts are based off, which makes for both an easy handwave solution and makes it seem more probably they could stay hidden.

Of course it doesn't really count as this if the setting for the story is in a Europe country. This is more about the general prevalance of immortal characters from them when characters from virtually any continent would make about as much, if not more sense.

Anime and Manga
  • Toyed with in Mnemosyne, which centers on immortals living in Japan: despite all participants being Asian, the final showdown between the three oldest immortals in the world suddenly moves to a European(-ish) locale.
  • Blade the Anime series has all the pure-blooded vampires living in Europe.

Comic Books
  • The Shade in Starman is English.
  • Possibly Vandal Savage and the Immortal Man in DC Comics were both originally cavemen from Euroasia prehistory who got immortality from a meteorite.

  • The various MacLeods in the Highlander franchise are Scottish.

  • Varney the Vampire drifts around Italy and England.
  • Anne Rice's vampires generally fall under this trope:
    • Lestat is French;
    • Thorne is Norse and his friend Marius is Roman.
  • Toyed with in the Necroscope series. The vamps are either Old Eastern Europe, or pretending to be them. This is because they vamps are alien fungi from another dimension and the doorway to that dimension is underneath Transylvania, so the first people they made contact with [read: enslaved or transformed] were Transylvania gypsies.

Live Action Television
  • Buffyverse
    • We have at least Angel, and Spike.
    • Averted with Darla, who despite having been sired from a British woman is 'born as a vampire' (so to speak) in America.
  • Sanctuary gives us Helen, John, James, Nikolas and Adam.
  • Forever Knight. Nick was a Welsh soldier before being brought across by LaCroix in 1228. LaCroix himself was a Roman general who was brought across by his daughter. Janette was a Parisian. Now they all live in Toronto.

Western Animation
  • Macbeth and Demona from Gargoyles are Scottish. Though Demona isn't human.
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