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It can be hard to find servants when you are evil, especially if you have Bad Boss tendencies. Money and promises of power can only get you so far so how about some forced recruitment? Of course, there are many ways to do this. If you think simple brainwashing is too easy to undo and want to take it a step further, this trope is for you.

Minionization can be executed in several ways. If you are a Necromancer, Night of the Living Mooks will be your first choice. If you manage to design The Virus that puts its victims under your control, your new army will practically recruit itself, though it can get a bit messy. Forcefully subjecting your prisoners to The Corruption can also work wonders. And if you are powerful enough, Baleful Polymorph can do the job, transforming the victim's body and mind to serve your purpose.

Note - this trope applies to recruiting mooks. For finding officers for your army, see: Reforged into a Minion.

  • In the computer game Evil Genius, one of the final weapons you can launch into space is a transformation ray Kill Sat , turning the people of entire cities into your mooks, complete with uniforms.
  • The Borg in Star Trek turns out to be that once we learn that there is in fact a queen ruling the Hive Mind.
  • In Mass Effect, the victims of the Geth are impaled on spikes that saturate their bodies with nanotechnology, transforming them into zombie-like cannon fodder.
  • In American McGee's Alice the Hatter's base is a mix of a Bedlam House and a Clock Punk factory that produces Mecha-Mooks by grafting lobotomized children into mechanical armors.
  • An episode of Transformers Generation One shows Megatron has a machine called the "Robo-Smasher" which he uses to reprogram neutral Transformers as Decepticons.
  • Dr Robotnik's main modus operandi is to transform cute critters into evil killer robots. The exact process is left unclear.
  • In Command & Conquer 2: Firestorm, the evil AI CABAL rounds up any humans he can find - whether civilians or POW's, regardless of NOD/GDI affiliation - and converts them into Cyborgs under his command. One of the few new units in the expansion is the Spiderbot, a Drider-like cyborg specifically created to capture living humans for 'conversion'.
  • At the end of War of the Spider Queen saga, Lolth transforms a servant who had gone through Face Heel Revolving Door into a demon, sending her after her former allies.
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