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Well Meant Discrimination
A character tries to be accepting to character who is a minority, but ends up offending them
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A character becomes aquatinted with a person who is a minority (different race, gender, sexual preference, disabled, etc.) The character wants to be accepting but they end up using Positive Discrimination or Political Correctness Gone Mad. The other character ends up noticing and gets offended because they just want to be treated like everyone else. A popular variation involves a disabled character being irritated about being treated like they are helpless when they aren't.

  • Played with in Community, where after being forced to re-hug over and over again and say "To meet Different People!", the african american breaks down and shouts, "STOP SAYING I'M DIFFERENT!"
    • Brian often utilizes a particularly painful attempt of this in Family Guy, trying to hide his awkwardness to an African Americans by constantly praising Martin Luther King and using patronising slang ("Why do you have to put a brother down like that?"). Surprisingly inverted in one case where he actually impresses a black woman he is trying to hook up with by suggesting to change the name of James Woods High School to Martin Luther King.
Western Animation
  • South Park: the school nurse, who has a conjoined twin attached to her face, just wants to be treated normally. But everybody makes a big deal about not discriminating against her and there's a parade and everything.
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