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Anyone/Anything that steals superpowers.

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So you happen to be a villain that has to beat a superpowered hero. But unfortunately you weren't so lucky as The Hero in The Super Power Lottery.You not even got to be a Power Parasite.

But fortunately The Hero has Powers as Programs and with the right Plot Device you will be able to have them or maybe they rely on a transformation trinket that you could easily steal use to get their powers. A Super Power Thief however might not always steal the Super Powers for themselves, maybe they are happy with bringing down to normal the Hero or simply giving the powers to someone or something else.

Expect the villain to have a Power High whenever he gets acces to the super powers.

Not to be confused with Power Parasite that is when the villain has this a superpower. A Super Power Thief needs a Plot Device like a McGuffin or stealing a Transformation Trinket for them to steal the superpowers ( that they might not have had stolen for themselves for that matter)

Comic Books
  • X-Men loss of control over her mutant power to steal other powers is what caused Rogue to abandon the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and seek help from the X-Men. They finally got her power fixed recently.

Manga and Anime
  • Subverted in Madoka Magica stealing the "transformation device" called soul gem doesn't steal their powers but their souls
Western Animation
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold Dr Sivana tricked both Captain marvel and Black Adam unorder to steal Black Adam's powers. He success thanks to a complex machine he built.
  • In Ben10 This is the main goal of Vilgax. He wants to steal the Omnitrix ( a device similar to a watch that lets you transform into different aliens) from Ben.
  • In Jackie Chan Adventures This is done all the time via talismans. This trinkets give superpowers to whoever is holding them as such they are very easy to steal.

  • In the Green Lantern movie Hal Jordan traded his ring to the villain for her loved one. The villain even had a Power High with Hal's ring. Unfortunately for him it didn't obey him completely because he wasn't a chosen one

Live Action Tv
  • In Smallville there was a Muggle teen that stole (twice) Clark Kent's superpowers thanks to a combinatIon of kryptonite and lighting.
    • Witch!Lana "Isobel" stole Clark's superpowers via a special spell. She thought that Clark's powers were simply magic however.
    • Lana stole a "suit" that granted superpowers fromlex Luthor and took it for herself.
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