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Fight Me Seriously
A fighter is annoyed that his opponent doesn't take him seriously
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Not sure if there are going to be enough examples.

Generally a stupid thing to say. If you have to say it, you probably can't afford to be obeyed. But some people only learn one way.

Often - usually - the result of Honor Before Reason.

  • Order Of The Stick had Belkar's opponent say this in a recent strip, because Belkar wasn't even looking at him. Two seconds later, the opponent (a level 1 commoner) was eviscerated by Belkar's cat.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Jeice said something like this to Goku during their firt encounter and got a face full of fist.
  • Semi-example in Seirei no Moribito: the soldiers sent after Balsa were very annoyed that she didn't kill them. They thought that she scorned them, but calmed down after they found out that she's just not big on killing.

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