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I must be going crazy... do we really not have this one?

A character who has been promoted to the rank of inaction, or a character whose career path within an action-oriented organization is pedestrian. Usually found in shows that revolve around military, Mildly Military, or Police Procedural organizations. Usually derided as a Non-Action Guy or Obstructive Bureaucrat who pushes paper around all day and would be completely useless in an action situation. Could be top brass or mid/low-ranked support staff.

It's different from Kicked Upstairs in that the character may actually have been a competent Action Hero in his/her youth but couldn't avoid getting promoted on considerable merit.


  • Starfleet admirals are never seen in action. When James Kirk gets promoted to admiral, he hates being a Desk Jockey and does his level best to get either demoted back into action or kicked out.
  • Stargate's SGC Generals spend much of their screen time at paper-laden desks.
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