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Little Miss Con Artist

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Aww, look at sweet little Sally. So adorable, so innocent...

...hey, where did my wallet go?

This is when a little girl takes advantage of the perception that Children Are Innocent to play a bunch of adults for suckers. Sometimes this character will work in partnership with an adult, usually her father, but as often as not she's the real brains of the outfit.

When she grows up, she'll probably become the Decoy Damsel, who uses her beauty to fool people in the same way Little Miss Con Artist uses her cuteness.

  • Sarah from Chuck was one of these as a child.
  • One episode of Psych had Shawn and Gus tricked into getting a mall Santa out of prison because a little girl asked them to. She turned out to be "Santa's" daughter and partner in crime.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had a little girl who helped her father fake an injury and sue the hotel. Meanwhile, she took orders for Girl Scout cookies from the entire staff... none of whom ever got their orders.

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