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Offspring Attack
An attack in which a character uses an egg, offspring, or smaller version of themselves to attack their opponent.
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A mother's protective instinct is unquestionable. Except when they are the proprietors of the Offspring Attack. A sub-trope of Abnormal Ammo, these moms use their doting children to inflict harm. Usually these characters have a seemingly endless supply of offspring to launch at potential attackers.


Video Games
  • Wasps from Video Game//Diablo 3 will shoot small, slow-moving, explosive versions of themselves at you.
  • Half-Life: During the Boss Battle with the Gonarch, it will spawn baby headcrabs to attack Gordon. It will actually make mournful noises when they are killed.
  • Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. series launches eggs at his opponents in many incarnations
    • Birdo from the same had the trademark move of shooting eggs out of his/her mouth.
  • Crypt Fiends and Nerubians in Warcraft 3 attack with what seems to be tiny, floating spiderlings. You can also notice that said spiders will float back to the user after being cast. Furthermore, the description of the Nerubian unit imply this.

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