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Since most people imagine God as an bearded old man, naturally the antithesis of this would be having the supreme ruler of the universe be a young girl instead. Creators will sometimes do this to subvert a viewer's expectations, especially in works heavy with Epileptic Trees and Mind Screw.

Compare to Token Deity for other unlikely gods, and Goo Goo Godlike for other improbably powerful kids.


Anime & Manga

Comic Books
  • In The Sandman, the Lord of Chaos Shivering Jemmy manifests as a young blonde girl with a balloon.





Tabletop Games
  • It is implied in Demon: The Fallen fluff that the (old) World of Darkness' God is a girl. Since the Fallen are pretty much the only still-living beings who have actually seen God at the dawn of time, their word can be trusted.

Video Games

Web Comics
  • minus
  • An old, discontinued webcomic, Acid Reflux, had a little girl get her own (used) universe as a present. Her name, of course, was "God." Much humor occurs when she's sucked into said universe, a sort of high fantasy pastiche.
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