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Arming the Untrained
Somebody hands a weapon to some untrained schmuck.
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Based on an old plan, trying to split Artistic License - Gun Safety, see the sandbox for full plan.


The Hero has just freed some poor hostages. In the process, a bunch of mooks got killed with all their weapons. It would be a shame to let all those poor defenseless weapons just lay around waiting to get damaged. So, arm the hostages!

When a character trained in proper Gun Safety decides to hand a weapon to someone that has little to no training (as far as the character knows, anyway).


Anime and Manga

  • Die Hard
    • Die Hard: John McClane hands escaped hostage "Bill Clay" a handgun after Bill says he's only used a paintball gun. Then, when John turns his back, Bill points the gun at him and reveals himself as Hans Gruber, the Big Bad. Even further subverted in that Gruber is very competent with a gun.
    • Die Hard with a Vengeance: John gives Zeus a handgun but doesn't give any instructions on how to use it, apparently assuming that Zeus will be familiar with it. Zeus takes this as a another sign of racism.
  • In Lightning Jack Jack gives his new partner/outlaw trainee Ben a gun for their first robbery together. It doesn't go well - Ben shoots himself in the foot. Jack then arms him with a sawed off shotgun, because the shot dissipates quickly so no real harm will come to anyone/thing he actually shoots, but it looks Bad Ass.
  • Tequila Sunrise Kurt Russell's police detective character hands Michelle Pfeiffer's totally gun-untrained character a pistol to protect herself while meeting a drug lord, telling her "That's ready to fire."
  • Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi hands a Luke a weapon with out first explaining how it works. Mind you, a weapon that will instantly kill or maim you if you even slightly mishandle it. Luke happens to be rather important...
    • Luke is also allowed/encouraged to use the lightsaber around other people on a flying starship before he has gained any acceptance or knowledge of the mystical abilities that help Jedi to not demolish everything around them. This is roughly akin to letting someone who has heard a couple of stories about what a bomb technician does practice on live explosives on a submerged submarine.
      • This may be somewhat averted by the fact that the power of the lightsaber in question could be adjusted. Minimal-power lightsabers aren't able to cause serious damage, and it's reasonable to consider that Obi-Wan may have made it as safe as possible before handing it to Luke.
  • Generation Kill: The Marines hand a writer imbedded with them an assault rifle. They never do it again because he pointed the barrel at both Person and Colbert's faces while passing it back, with the safety off.

Western Animation
  • Archer: Played for Laughs with Cyril. Whenever Lana or Archer arm the accountant, misfires are guaranteed, often to the injury of Bret.
  • The Simpsons: Bart is on a Ride Along with the cops when they get into a High Speed Chase with a perp. As they corner the perp and go in, Eddie gives Bart a gun and asks him to back them up, giving lip service to the fact that it's against the rules.


  • Silent Hill has an unintentionally funny scene in the first game, in which police officer Cybil Bennett confirms that the hero she's just met, a professional writer, has never handled a gun in his life, and so proceeds to hand him her spare gun for protection. The entirety of her instructions are "know what you're shooting, and don't go blasting me by mistake" (Foreshadowing!)). A little justified in that they're in a Survival Horror environment (and even used as a game mechanic, as, due to Harry's inexperience, the player can't accurately aim at long range), though you have to wonder why, as a police officer sworn to protect and serve, she didn't just accompany Harry instead of giving him a gun and sending him on his merry way.
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